Membership Portals Perth

What is a Membership Portal?

It is a secure portal where you can store your members. The portal will allow new members to join, upload their information, images and even pay for the membership online. The portal is continually adapting and new features will be added in the future.

Why Do I Need A Membership Portal?

If you are a club or organisation that wants a central hub to store your members contact information and payments, then a membership portal would be ideal for your business.

How To Get Started

We may need to transfer your website away from your current provider, but that depends on what hosting provider you are using. We recommend coming up with a list of information that you would like to track with payment and access levels and then get in touch with Pixelfeast and we can begin putting together a solution for your situation.

Portals make it easy to track your members. With new features being added periodically and at an affordable price, why not contact us today for more information!